Diet For Pregnancy And Child Development

Advance Planning and a commitment is crucial to optimise the health of your child. Finding the right "diet" in the modern world has largely centered on eliminating certain foods for weight reduction. But what if finding the right "diet" for your individual needs focused on nutrient intake and uptake and automatically lead to weight loss. More importantly what if the foods in this "diet" helped correct and prevent conditions including ADHD, asthma, allergies, cancer, depression, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and a range of auto-immune disease?

The real bottom line of nutrition is what is best for you?

While no two people will ever have exactly the same blood picture. We are all made in similar fashion, but the body of each person is facing its own individual challenge. This is what we’re trying to discover with a chemistry. Whether it is allergy to foods or a disease label our approach at Nutrition Diagnostics goes about looking at the cause and then supporting the body overcome the challenges.
Our nutritional guide has been developed with a two-fold purpose. It is a very valuable adjunct to the mercury toxic or environmentally toxic patient because it helps condition the body to eliminate retained toxic metals. It also guides the patient in how to bring in nutrients to help repair damaged tissues. The second purpose is as a general nutritional guide for the interested and concerned healthy patient who wants to be sure he is doing what he should to maintain that condition, AND resist chronic degenerative diseases that so commonly plague our society.

For anyone who desires only generic answers to how to correct or prevent this or that health issue or have a successful pregnancy and raise a healthy child, chemistry is unimportant and Whole Nutrient Dense Food is what your focus should be. We recommend as a general guide a book called Back to Cooking Basics.

But for anyone seeking real and lasting health answers, or to be the best you can be to deliver real and lasting answers, the road to success will always depend upon the available data, which means being assessed fully and adopting a lifelong strategy.

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