What Is Biobloc

A Biobloc is a type of appliance that helps one learn to change the mouth posture. To date, it has been the most commonly used appliance in the practice of Biobloc Orthotropics, following the philosophy of natural growth guidance.
There are several designs for Biobloc stages, but the key appliance has "guides" to help the lower jaw fit into the right posture. The child's muscles do the work of holding the jaw in position - in contrast to appliances like the Herbst, the Twin Block, the MARA, the Bionator, etc., which all work by putting a reciprocal "pulling back" force (i.e., a headgear effect ) on the upper teeth and jaw.

The appliances are not magic, and are only one aspect to successful results with Orthotropics. Many practitioners have been misled by the apparent simplicity, only to find that much more than a laboratory prescription for this or that appliance design is necessary for success. The skills of a doctor that has been trained in hands-on educational settings, and has committed to this particular type of treatment, are very necessary. Also required is a committed family support for the patient, who cannot do it alone.

What's a Biobloc?

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