Orthotropics: A Better Way to Treat Your Child’s Crowded Teeth.

"Treat the Cause not the Symptom"

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What is Orthotropics & How is it Different to Orthodontics?

Orthotropics vs orthodontics is essentially a debate as to what causes malocclusion or poor facial development. Orthodontics blames genetics, while orthotropics blames poor postural and breathing habits. Orthotropics is a holistic approach to orthodontics -  it doesn't treat the symptom, but rather the cause.

The orthotropic rationale is that straight teeth do not create a good looking face, but a good looking face will create straight teeth.

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The Benefits of Orthotropics

Forward Growth of the Jaws

Straight teeth alone do not create a good looking face. If the face is long, the chin recessed & the jaws positioned back in the face, straightening teeth will have little effect on aesthetics & function. Only through forward growth of the jaws, can aesthetics & function be achieved.

Expanding the Jaws, Not Extracting Teeth

Orthodontics commonly extracts teeth to create extra space, whereas orthotropics prefers to expand and develop the mouth - specifically the maxilla - so that all teeth can fit. In orthotropics, this is done by concentrating on the position of the tongue and ensuring it is positioned in the roof of  the mouth.

Proper Functioning Face Muscles

Orthotropic treatment focuses on the activation of muscles in the face, which allows the face (and jaws specifically) to grow and function properly. This sets the stage for long-lasting aesthetics and function. Orthotropics understands that what looks good, works well..

Correct Position of the Tongue

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the mouth, & when it sits on the palate (the roof), it forces the maxilla (upper jaw bone) to widen - thus creating more room for the teeth. Correct tongue positioning is also crucial for achieving a proper swallow pattern.

Give Your Child the Best Start in Life!

Does your child have crowded teeth? Orthotropics promotes proper facial growth and ensures their teeth have enough room the fall naturally into place!

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Whole Body Health & Proper Breathing

Orthotropics expands the jaws & encouraging them to grow forward, this opens up the airway - allowing sufficient oxygen to pass through. It also ensures the jaw joints are functioning correctly which aids in preventing pain from occurring later in life & the need for surgical intervention..

Lifelong Results & Retention of Aesthetics

In traditional orthodontics, the teeth often have a tendency to shift closer to their original position post-treatment. This is because orthodontics typically addresses the symptoms instead of the cause. By correcting the cause of malocclusion, orthotropics often has better retention

Focusing on the Face, not Just the Teeth

Orthotropics focuses on the face, not just the teeth. By widening the maxilla & correcting posture, not only will teeth be straight, but the face will be more aesthetically pleasing & will tend to function at a more optimal level well into adult life..

Treating the Cause, not the Symptoms

Orthotropics addresses the cause of malocclusion rather than the symptoms. It does not simply straighten the teeth, but changes the way the face grows - creating a strong jawline and forward growth of the face,  which allows the teeth to fall into place naturally.

Orthotropics is the science of Facial Growth Guidance.

Many studies have shown that the way the face grows can be affected by postural changes - for example, by holding the mouth open to breathe, having an incorrect sleep posture, or an abnormal swallow pattern. The face can change for the worse with improper posture. Orthotropic treatment is an early prevention, interceptive, non-extraction, and non-surgical orthodontic treatment dealing with correct growth of the face and jaws.

Dr Daniel Davis


Daniel Davis graduated in 2009 from the University of Queensland. After graduating, Daniel travelled to the US to study under the world-renowned biological dentist, Hal Huggins and subsequently travelled to London, where he undertook a diploma in orthotropics and orthopaedic orthodontics. Dr Daniel Davis is one of few registered members of the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance. His expertise is such that he has lectured in this field internationally.

Dr Daniel Davis is a registered member of the international Association of Facial Growth Guidance (IAFGG). In fact, Dr Davis studied in London under the pioneer of orthotropics, Dr John Mew - the founder of orthotropics. You can see Dr Davis’ official profile here. *

Dr Eric Davis

Founder & Dentist

Dr Eric Davis is well known in the healthcare industry as a leader in the field of Biological Dentistry. Graduating in 1980 from the University of Queensland, Dr Davis has also pursued post-graduate studies in the areas of Clinical Nutrition and Medical Acupuncture, Neural Therapy, Homotoxicology and Electro acupuncture according to Voll. In 1986 he qualified as a Naturopathic Physician, and is a member of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association.

Dr Eric Davis treated  Daniel with Orthotropics after meeting and studying with Dr John Mew, yet as a child himself had teeth  extracted and traditional Braces.

Can you tell the difference? *

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Can Your Child Benefit From Orthotropic Treatment?

Are their teeth crowded?

Crowded teeth are often the result of poor postural, chewing, swallowing and breathing habits that can be corrected with orthotropic treatment.

Do they breathe through their mouth?

Mouth breathing results in an abnormally long face, a recessed jawline and chin, a flatter nose, a narrower mouth, a gummy smile and ultimately, crowded teeth.

Do they have an overbite?

An overbite occurs where the chin and jaws grow backwards instead forwards. it can result in health issues. Orthotropic treatment is designed to correct this.

Do they hang their mouth open at rest?

Leaving the mouth open at rest means the tongue is not in the correct position. This drags the rest of the face down with it and causes the top jaw to narrow.


Give Your Child The Best Start in Life!

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