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Postal Address for both centres 
40 Duffield Road,
Margate Beach, 4019
Queensland, Australia


The Centre For Biological Dentistry

40 Duffield Road,
Margate Beach, 4019
Queensland, Australia
Shop 9 / 330 Mons Rd
Forest Glen
Queensland, Australia 4556
Phone: 07 5476 8788


Located in Queensland, Australia, offers you five star treatment.
This renowned centre for Biological Dentistry is a world class organisation offering you the best there is in Biological dental treatment and concepts.

When you attend Eric Davis Dental, you will experience first hand correct removal of mercury/metal fillings and Total Dental RevisionTM and a way of thinking that puts your total health first.
This means you will not be subject to mercury accidentally leaching or being absorbed back into your system during treatment or any other Toxic treatments.
Your safety is of the utmost importance and the reasons that these critical safety procedures and protocols are in place cannot be overemphasised.
Innovative technology provides a secure environment for dental procedures.  The removal of amalgam fillings can be a potential source of high exposure to mercury vapour for both you and the dental staff.   This purposefully built complex incorporates a number of sophisticated technologies to dramatically reduce this risk of exposure.