General Dentistry With Health in Mind

Eric Davis Dental offers a range of dental services from periodontal ( “gum” ) care to simple and complex restorative treatments.

We are a Family owned business and exclusively Private. Our patient base is our local community, patients referred from Dr’s and allied health care providers; and interstate and international clients where we provide regular primary dental care with a Biological view. We are always thinking beyond the teeth and how our treatments and advice effect your current and future oral and total health.

Biological Dentistry is a term that describes an attitude, a more biocompatible approach that can apply to all facets of our dental practice, to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the end goal of treatment.
That is No Mercury, No Fluoride treatments, No root canal treatments, No Titanium implants,
Safe Amalgam Removal if restoring any tooth with amalgam present, and with any necessary extraction careful debridement of infected tissue and diseased bone is undertaken to prevent incomplete bony healing.....

There is incontrovertible evidence that…

Dental amalgam “silver” fillings contain an average of 50% mercury.

Mercury escapes from dental amalgam fillings.

Mercury is a poison.

There is no level of mercury exposure below which health symptoms have NOT been reported.

In other words…

There is no safe level of exposure.

Informed choice is given and if you choose otherwise you will be referred appropriately and your decision will always be respected.

Children’s oral health and correct dental and Facial development and growth guidance is also very important to us, as for all parents "our children are why we exist". Stainless steel crowns are advised against as they contain as much as 12% Nickel, alternatives such as Zirconia are available. Nickel allergy is so prevalent in the population that its use in dentistry it poses a risk. Unfortunately, due to a difference in immune response between skin and mucosa, the same nickel alloy that would make one’s skin break out if used in an earring, will not cause a rash in the mouth. So it’s hard to point to an obvious problem but it does raise the total level of immune reactivity in the body, and should not be used.
This calls into question the safety of stainless steel crowns, especially the NiCro variety. Also, nickel and other non-precious metal alloys tend to contribute disproportionately to galvanic electricity in the mouth.

Total Dental Revision in conjunction with Nutrition Diagnostics is also offered for those seeking that service and you will be totally informed every step of the way. Total Dental RevisionTM (TDR)  is the most important intervention for the vast majority of people. For many people, dental toxins represent the greatest daily exposure to toxicity, and daily toxin exposure seems to be the greatest cause and aggravator of nearly all degenerative diseases, especially cancer. Mercury, incompatible dental metals, cavitations, failed or failing dental implants, periodontal disease/ infection, and infected root canals must all be addressed to reduce the Oral-Systemic risk. Total Dental RevisionTM (TDR) is an integrated approach that incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery.

Holistic Dental Care at its Best for the Whole Family.