Our Practice- A Health Centered Practice

What exactly is a Health Centered Practice?

Glad you asked...

It is important that you understand exactly the difference between a typical dental practice and ours. In short it is our approach to dentistry that promotes health and wellness instead of only treating “dis”ease. We consider how the treatment of the teeth and jaws will affect your immune system and thus overall health and well-being.
Eric Davis Dental offers a range of dental services from periodontal ( “gum” ) care to simple and complex restorative treatments.

  We are a Family owned business and exclusively Private.

     ....with a Biological view.

Our patient base is our local community, patients referred from Dr’s and allied health care providers; and interstate and international clients where we provide regular primary dental care with a Biological view. We are always thinking beyond the teeth and how our treatments and advice effect your current and future oral and total health.
Biological Dentistry is a term that describes an attitude, a more biocompatible approach that can apply to all facets of our dental practice, to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the end goal of treatment.
That is No Mercury, No Fluoride, No root canal treatments, No Nickel, No Titanium implants, Safe Amalgam Removal if restoring any tooth with amalgam present .....
Informed choice is given and if you choose otherwise you will be referred appropriately and your decision will always be respected.

The best way to explain this is to categorise you into one of the four types of patient that would choose to attend our centre.

1. You're here because you've heard that this practice ONLY uses bio-compatible treatments. You know you will NOT have mercury or toxic products or treatments placed in your mouth.  Instead, you'll be treated with a product that has as minimal effect on your health as possible.  As well, you're reassured to know that you'll be given advice and literature to help you increase your well being and reduce the chances of you suffering from any future health and dental problems. This counts for all your family members as well....

That’s why we are so pleased to offer our friends and neighbours the kind of dental care we want for ourselves: Dental care that tends to the health of the mouth in relation to the whole person so you and your entire family are not put at risk, after all, their health is your utmost concern.

You've been referred to us by your Medical Practitioner or Health Care Provider to assess your oral health for any systemic links and help discover what's causing you to feel so run down and unwell. For some time now you've been feeling pretty 'off' in the health department. You've been back and forward to your practitioner, tried all sorts of remedies and you still feel rotten. Your practitioner or friend's recommends this clinic because it investigates in detail all possible toxins that may be affecting you and will strategise a complete health programme in conjunction with Nutrition Diagnostics to bring you back to health.  
Find out how Nutrition Diagnostics can help. Click here

You've been referred to us by friend that has had significant oral and overall health benefits and trust the advice we have given to them.

4. You don't even live in this country but you have been looking for some time for a natural way to improve both your dental health and overall health... that won't cost you the earth.  You've discovered that you can actually fly to Australia, have a sun filled holiday by the beach, receive all the treatment you need for half the cost it would back home.  It's the incentive you've needed to take action.

We look forward to meeting with you at the Centre.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.