Videos Biological Dental Concepts

Infected Root Canals, Cavitations & Other Oral Obstacles to Optimal Health
( by Dr. Dawn Ewing )

Could your mouth be interfering with your health?

Two common sources of infection that biological dentists are especially concerned with are infected root canal treated teeth and demonstrable cavitations, and periodontal infection. These and other oral blocks to systemic health are clearly explained in this presentation by Naturopathic Physician Dr. Dawn Ewing, author of "Let the Tooth Be Known," an intro to biological dentistry and the tooth-body connection for the general public.

In this first part, Dr. Dawn covers tooth anatomy and physiology, root canals and their drawbacks.

Part Two explains why a root canal filling can't be considered sound biological therapy even if lasers and ozone are used. It also introduces the concept of focal infection and the importance of thorough debridement when a tooth is extracted to avoid cavitation formation.

Part Three offers more info about cavitations and oral foci, as well as problems with Dental Implants