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You're here because you are interested in your health, and that you share our philosophy that the health of each part of the body influences the whole. To find out whether we are a good match for you, click here.

About Dr Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis is the son of Eric Davis and graduated in 2009 from the University of Queensland. After graduating, Daniel travelled to the US to study under the world-renowned biological dentist, Hal Huggins and subsequently travelled to London, where he undertook a diploma in orthotropics and orthopaedic orthodontics.

About Dr Eric Davis

Dr Eric Davis is a dentist with a post-graduate qualifications in Clinical Nutrition. Meet Dr Davis and learn more about him by clicking here

Meet The Staff

Meet the rest of the team at Eric Davis Dental here

About Our Health-Centred Practice

To find out why we consider our practice to be health-centred, and what that means for your dental treatment Click here

About Our Approach To Dental Care

We have a philosophy of care that focuses on the health of the whole body. Learn more about our philosophy by clicking here

The Centre

Our practice is purpose-built, with great attention to ensuring the level of air and water filtration that keeps our patients, our staff and the environment safe from toxic metals. Learn more about The Centre Of Biological Dentistry here.