Total Dental Revision (TDR) Your Individualised Program

The Programme is the culmination of nearly four decades of dedicated pioneering efforts in improving the health of people affected by dental mercury and other toxins such as dental infection and poor dietary and lifestyle choices.
In the centres congenial, supportive atmosphere, a multi disciplinary approach brings together the coordinated services of a wide array of Health Care Professionals committed to this goal.

Your health is our concern.

The complex process of diagnosis, treatment, therapy and education is carefully personalised to fit your equally complex and unique needs. Matching the therapeutic process with individual health patterns helps to increase your own healing capabilities. For the past twenty years there has been a steady rise, worldwide, in the incidence of chronic disease.  Among the most serious conditions are heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's. At the same time we have seen the appearance of killer viruses and a disturbing, almost frightening increase in the number of antibiotic - resistant bacteria.  The failure of the medical and dental community to solve these problems, in spite of spending billions of tax dollars over this period, can be traced mostly to their insistence on a flawed, disease model approach to health.  In this failed system both the dentist and medical doctor look at health in a far too simplistic manner - simply the absence of disease or the absence of risk factors.  Thus, rather than look for underlying causes and factors that lead to disease, and correcting these, they treat only risk factors and symptoms.

Participants in these shared  programs have reported:

  • Clearing and reducing of symptoms of previously non-responsive ailments
  • Increased energy and activity levels
  • Improved clarity of awareness
  • Better personal relationships and greater emotional stability

To optimise your outcome there is a marriage between the Dental Department, the Hygiene Department and Nutrition Diagnostics.

Our Dental Protocols

The dental protocols at Eric Davis Dental are designed to remove as much dental toxicity in as non-toxic fashion as possible.
Total Dental Revision (TDR) includes the proper replacement of your mercury amalgam fillings and other fillings with biocompatible replacement materials.
Typically, you will receive a biocompatibility test with Nutrition Diagnostics to help determine the replacement materials that are least reactive and offensive to your immune system. Also, any identifiable sources of dental infection will be treated after discussion and informed consent. This may include all cavitations, failing dental implants, infected root canal filled teeth, abscessed and non-vital teeth at your informed request.

Additionally, any biologically incompatible crowns you have will be replaced with compatible ones. As well, all nickel (often present in stainless steel), will typically be replaced with more compatible metals or preferably Zirconium, the choice of which is also guided by your biocompatibility test.
You will further be guided to undergo the best available measures to treat and possibly reverse any periodontal disease that may be present. Consideration to the final occlusion is also of primary importance.

Most patients who need Total Dental Revision (TDR) already have ongoing chronic health problems, and we do our best to help them regain their health in spite of the damage suffered by their body. However, it is regrettable that it is usually when someone has lost his or her health that they see the need for remedial action since it would be much easier to address the problem before the body becomes dysfunctional.

The most important guidelines for mercury - toxic patients is that they must NOT rush out and have their amalgams removed.  Improperly performed or omitted procedures will compromise your outcome or risk getting worse or developing a disease you never had before.

We reserve the right not to treat anyone unwilling to follow a proper preparatory programme with  Nutrition Diagnostics. We would prefer you seek Dental treatment elsewhere.


Steps To Success

When Eric Davis Dental and Nutrition Diagnostics begin your care we emphasise the following factors:

  • First, that your body's ability to handle contaminant materials such as mercury from fillings, toxins produced by bacterial infections - a dead tooth; gum disease - can be enhanced by an individually tailored diet. Nutrition is the foundation of your body's ability to regenerate itself from the effects of toxicity.
  • Second, that your treatment can be further enhanced by specific supplementation and chelation.
  • Third, that your dental appointments should be planned with appropriate consideration for your immune system and medical status.
  • Fourthly, that your replacement dental materials should be selected with consideration for testing aimed at determining which materials are likely to be compatible with your specific needs.

The key here, however is that all of these steps must be taken prior to the actual sequential removal of fillings.

Testing Working with Nutrition Diagnostics

What is a definitive dental toxicity test? There is no single definitive test. A variety of tests taken together can, however, show the effects of mercury toxicity for example. These tests undertaken by Nutrition Diagnostics may include blood serum chemistries, CBC studies, serological and immunologic determinations, T-cell subsets, EKG reading, urinary mercury readings, blood pressure readings, pulse and body temperature measurements, venous blood gases and porphyrin levels or what is deemed appropriate for your circumstances.

Defining and quantifying the probability of dental toxicity
When symptoms and the various laboratory findings begin to coincide it becomes possible to define and quantify the probability of mercury or dental  toxicity. This kind of analysis must be performed carefully by well trained personnel.
Some people can have a single imbalance and be immobilised, while others may have ten imbalances and just have chronic fatigue as a result. The effects of mercury and other dental toxins will vary from one person to another on the basis of genetic make up, the environment in which they live and additional contributions which have been made by exposure to other toxic materials such as lead, arsenic and cadmium; the heavy metals, or petrochemicals, or pesticides and .....

It should be kept in mind that if the diagnosis of dental toxicity was a simple matter, the subject in all likelihood, would have been more thoroughly documented years ago. Many of the examinations and testing procedures used and developed have become available only in the past five years or so. Because of the continuing research efforts, active intervention and participation in the field of dental materials and clinical investigations, it is expected that many new and important testing and treatment methods will yet be added to our programme in the future.


Improperly performed or omitted procedures may permanently alter chemistries.

Consequently, recovery from dental toxicity is like trying to make a strike in bowling. The bowler only gets one chance to make his strike and the patient may only have one opportunity to properly deal with his health problem.

Each avenue of treatment for the dental toxic patient is essential in itself. But in addition, the timing and integration of each step into the treatment plan is also significant.
An example of this is the observation that supplementation and dietary and lifestyle changes started two to seven days prior to Total Dental Revision (TDR) appears to be far more effective than supplementation simultaneous with or after revision.

Nutrition Diagnostics An Overview

Nutrition Diagnostics Specializes In:

  • Supervised Dietary Supplementation
  • Lifestyle Counseling.
  • Mercury and Health Detoxification Programmes.

Based On:

  • Computer generated analysis of body chemistries.
  • Individualised "Allergy" Testing for Replacement Fillings.

One on one consultations with our Nutrition Counselor and Patient Coordinators will explore your current health status, identify possible problem areas and plan a complete health programme for you.

PHASE ONE: Body Chemistry The first step to recovery

A complete body chemistry analysis must be performed to determine proper diagnosis and procedure.  This analysis defines the exact programme to fit YOUR specific needs.
It is only when your body chemistry is balanced that your system can correct the fundamental defects that underlie all chronic degenerative disease and eliminate toxic elements such as mercury.
To determine your present chemistry, analysis from the following areas are required:

BLOOD and URINE:   Complete blood count, blood chemistry profile, Toxic Foot prints and urinalysis

In addition to these evaluations, you will also be asked to complete a questionnaire detailing your lifestyle.  Careful analysis of personal habits is necessary to further determine factors affecting your ability to recover.
This data is then evaluated and you'll be given advice that outlines your particular needs in regard to diet, supplementation and lifestyle.  It is on this foundation that the programme is designed.

PHASE TWO: Nutrition and Correct Supplementation

Planning your nutritional intake based on your body chemistry analysis is the next phase.  
After your chemistry profile is analyzed, recommendations for your eating habits will be made.  These recommendations are determined by what your chemistry suggests your ancestral diet to be. This theory is based on the fact that your ancestors consumed a certain diet for thousands of years, passing on nutritional patterns that become near genetic requirements.

When this optimum stage of nutritional compatibility is maintained, the function of the cell membrane is enhanced, thereby increasing its ability to release toxic metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and silver or fat soluble toxins such as petrochemicals, pesticides /insecticides or solvents.

Correct Supplementation is necessary to further increase the cell's ability to release toxic material. The purpose of supplementation and correct eating plan is as follows:

  1. To condition the cell membrane so that toxic metals may be more easily removed from internal parts of the cell as well as from the cell surface.
  2. To break the binding of proteins from protein-mercury compounds.
  3. To release mercury from these compounds.
  4. To provide a transportation link to carry mercury and other oxidant catalysts off for excretion.
  5. To bring about a healthy balance of the fundamental defects that underlie all disease.

There is a basic regimen of supplements that is used for most patients.  Refinements in supplementation according to the patient's unique chemistry may add or subtract from the basic supplements.

PHASE THREE: The Dental Office

The third phase in conjunction with, consists of a dental evaluation including an electrical reading of the amalgams for the sequential removal. A thorough dental and orofacial evaluation is given as well as radiographic examinations, vitality testing of teeth, periodontal monitoring and finally Dental Revision.

In addition, before entering this phase, it is advised that you be sure that any new filling material used will not cause further health problems.  For this reason, compatibility testing is recommended.  This procedure tests dental materials with your own blood and indicates your relative sensitivity to those materials.   Compatibility testing may also be advised with Nutrition Diagnostics using biocybernetic techniques.

The follow-up phase is to assure maximum benefit of the programme by determining how well your body is recovering.  Adjustments in your nutritional or supplemental intake may be made depending on results from your new body chemistry.
To determine this factor:
Minimum Four to 12 weeks from amalgam removal and Dental Revision, an analysis of blood and urine is made to determine if your chemistries are moving toward a more desirable balance, and you are following the advice to gain maximum benefits.

At six months, a complete series of blood, and urine is analyzed to evaluate if you are properly eliminating toxic material from you system.  In addition to monitoring excretion levels, a re-evaluation of your body chemistry is made and compared to your original level when you first began the programme.  If it is determined that further adjustments are needed, our trained Nutritional Councilor will be available to review your record and assist you in further personal guidance.

The advanced multidisciplinary treatments and therapies experienced at The Centre provide a passage from ill health to a brighter health potential.  The primary responsibility for the journey is now yours and your contribution is crucial.  Dietary intake and proper supplementation require your disciplined attention.

"How long should I need to follow the nutritional advice?"

Answer: For as long as you are interested in your health.

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