Our Services

We provide many dental services and approach each and every one with the same health-centred philosophy.

Non Surgical Biocompatible Periodontal Treatment.

Gum disease affects 50% of the adult population and in most cases it is a sign of bacterial and parasite oral infection,

...rather than simply a lack of care!

Why There Are Some Services That We Don't Provide

In keeping with our health-centred, biological approach, there are some dental services that we do not provide, namely the placement of mercury amalgams, dental implants and root canal treatments. You can learn why we don't do those treatments and what you need to know by  reading this page.

Dentistry For Children

We welcome children of all ages into the practice, and provide gentle dental care. We particularly enjoy helping the teeth and jaws of our young patients to grow and develop to their full potential. Learn about General Dentistry for children  here, and Orthotropics (a biological approach to teeth straightening)  here.

General Dentistry

We provide many dental services such as fillings, cleanings, extractions (including management of wisdom teeth), crown and bridge work and dentures.  Click here to learn more.

Holistic Dentistry

No matter what dental service we provide, you'll find it meets our holistic, health-centred philosophy. Holistic dentistry is so much more than not using mercury amalgams: learn about our approach here.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We are a Toxic metal-free practice, and therefore only place tooth-coloured dental materials onto teeth. Learn about the particular cosmetic dental procedures we provide by clicking here