Cosmetic Dentistry With Health in Mind

Cosmetic dentistry is not just about looking good. A great smile is the best way to express health and confidence. Our approach to minimally-invasive cosmetic dentistry means that everything we do for you should look and feel real and it must enhance your health and confidence.
Cosmetic dentistry can be as basic as cleaning and whitening your teeth, or as complicated as rebuilding your whole mouth with bio-compatible restorations to replace mercury amalgam fillings, old composites, missing teeth, cracked teeth, discoloured or worn down teeth. It may also involve surgery, to reshape your gums and even dentures can be part of a cosmetic makeover.

Once we have met with you and discussed your concerns and expectations, we are able to assess the current situation with your health in mind and determine the correct treatment plan for your desired outcome.

Biological Dentistry is a term that describes an attitude, a more biocompatible approach that can apply to all facets of our dental practice, to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the end goal of treatment. Given that there maybe limitations to the extent of our cosmetic services. Your total health is more important than an appearance, and we will be brutally honest with you.

We don't want you to go from the Frying Pan into the Fire