Treatments And Protocols

At all your treatment appointments when amalgam is being removed and other Dental treatments are undertaken, all safety protocols are put in full use, including the air extraction technique unique to this office, rubber dam, filtered water and first class treatment.

At Eric Davis Dental Total Dental Revision — would be broken into Phases depending on the complexity of your situation, and your needs and requirements.

  1. Preferably assess your periodontal situation should you demonstrate any "gum" issues.
  2. Remove all mercury restorations in the correct sequence and obviously all safety procedures in place –replace with a compatible material.
  3. This must be done before removing any infected teeth, if applicable, or opening the areas of incomplete healing or cavitational sites that are demonstrable radiographically or clinically giving pain and discomfort either locally or remotely. Otherwise, the electro galvanism or electromotive currents simply drive metal ions such as mercury and other metals into areas of healing --- hindering complete healing.
  4. Consulting with our Hygienist to give you the tools to prevent further dental concerns is imperative.
Once again, I would suggest you treat this very seriously and do not just rush out and remove amalgam or infected root filled teeth until all the pieces of the puzzle are in place. You need to identify the challenge and then develop a winning strategy to regain and maintain the health you have always wanted.  

Your health is our concern and requires you to work closely with Nutrition Diagnostics.