Biobloc Orthotropics

Biobloc Orthotropics was developed by Professor John Mew of London, England in the 1950s to address the shortcomings of conventional orthodontic treatment which merely straightens teeth on a poor foundation.

  • The first goal of the treatment - which is most effective for children under age 10 - is to optimize facial development with the upper and lower jaws both more ideally positioned forward in the face than with conventional treatment (or no treatment).
  • The second goal is to correct the poor rest oral posture, which produced the unfavorable growth in the first place.

Downward and backward movement of the upper front teeth is the first obvious sign of unfavorable facial growth, and can be easily identified by a simple measurement from the nose to the upper incisor teeth.
( see Diagnosing Your Child )

Seldom are upper front teeth actually too far foward in the face. Even when they appear to stick out (buck teeth), the teeth are usually too far back relative to the nose, cheeks and forehead. A recessed lower jaw can easily give the illusion that the upper teeth protrude (when they do not!).

This fact has been known for more than a quarter century but has apparently been overlooked by most of those professionals who provide conventional treatment.  ("Components of Class II Malocclusion in Children 8-10 Years of Age," by J MacNamara, Angle Orthodontist,  July 1981)

If ideal facial balance is the goal, this fact cannot be overlooked, and upper teeth must be moved forward instead of pulled back!
By viewing the treatment outcomes of the originator at it can be appreciated the correctness of this approach.

So how is Orthotropics different from Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the traditional approach of aligning teeth. Orthodontists consider growth of the face to be relatively unchangeable, employing a method that mechanically pushes the teeth into alignment through the use of “railway track” braces and removable appliances. To provide necessary space, Orthodontists either extract or pull back teeth with headgear. Other methods include the widening of the dental arches. In severe cases, surgery is recommended. This can involve cutting the jaw into separate sections and then screwing them into the “correct” position. At the end of treatment, results must be held into place indefinitely with retainers. Concerns have been raised about the damage inflicted on the facial complex (e.g. narrowing of the airway, impairing facial appearance) by such techniques. Orthotropics is the preventative approach, treating the causes and not the symptoms of Malocclusion. The Orthotropic method aligns teeth through natural growth guidance, which is an early prevention, non-extraction, and non-surgical method. Treatment consists of guiding facial growth naturally through muscle strengthening exercises, posture improvement and non-intrusive, discrete orthotropic appliances. Patients complete treatment with permanently straight teeth. No retainers are necessary to maintain results.

And what are the benefits of Orthotropic treatment?

A well-developed face is a functioning, healthy, and appealing face. Orthotropics improves the general function of the face as well as appearance. The treatment resolves problems related to breathing, swallowing, sleep apnoea and irregular teeth. There is also evidence to suggest that improving the health and shape of the face reduces jaw joint problems, upper neck and back problems, speech problems, and most ENT problems, such as sinusitis, glue ear and middle ear infections. Children and adults with healthy, functioning faces enjoy lifelong benefits, including all those that come with a confident, beautiful smile.

A comparison of facial balance in a series of identical twins with one twin being treated conventionally and one treated with Biobloc Orthotropics shows dramatically better facial balance with Biobloc Orthotropics.

Dr. John Mew: The Twin Study Comparison of Techniques

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