Reverse Tooth Decay by Changing Your Diet

The fact that a change in diet could stop and even reverse the effects of tooth decay was first discovered by Dr Weston Price when he was treating a group of malnourished children.

A Diet Rich in Fats and Fat Soluble Vitamins is Key

His treatment was simple. He prescribed a diet rich in fats & protein. This diet is optimal for the teeth because it is high in essential vitamins and minerals (particularly vitamins A, D and K2.

The diet consisted of butter, cod liver oil, meat and vegetable stews, cultured dairy products, and fermented foods like sauerkraut and was completely devoid of sugar.

The Teeth Remineralise on This Diet

After following this diet, Dr Price noted that the children's tooth decay was stopped, new tooth decay was prevented, and their teeth began to remineralise. Tooth decay was reversed.

The success of this diet in reversing tooth decay has a lot to do with osteocalcin, which is a calcium-binding protein that transports calcium from the bloodstream & deposits it into the bones and teeth.

Vitamin K2 is Critically Important to Reversing Tooth Decay

The synthesis & activation of osteocalcin is dependent on vitamin K2. When osteocalcin is synthesized, it promotes the growth of dentin - a tissue of the tooth that sits under the enamel.

By pushing calcium into the teeth in this manner, vitamin K2 also improves the density of the teeth - meaning that they are more resistant to decay and tooth loss (especially during aging).

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Disclaimer about tooth decay reversal:

It is important to understand that there are limitations to the way in which diet can reverse or stop tooth decay. Healing mainly occurs in the dentin - the middle layer of the tooth. Once the outer layer of enamel has broken off or decayed, it cannot grow back. However, the second layer of dentin can be stimulated with diet to stop or ‘arrest’ tooth decay. If tooth decay is severe and has existed without treatment for an extended time, the tooth will be decayed to such a point that reversal of tooth decay is impossible.