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Root Canals, Cavitation and Gum Disease
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Root Canals -
the hidden dangers

Next time your dentist suggests a root canal is necessary don't rush your decision.  Some of the latest reports show some alarming information that is exposing hidden dangers...

The controversy centres around the issue of determining whether or not ALL root canals are dangerous or just some.  Most dentists will agree that indeed, some can become toxic and dangerous...but whether this leads to an abscessed tooth or can cause other diseases is another issue.
From the papers and studies I've read and investigated, I strongly believe root canals are the cause of many serious, life threatening diseases. Placing root canals are no longer an option for me.. I placed my last one in 1990! 

How do you know if your tooth is toxic?
At the centre we have a simple test available called electrodermal screening.   This assesses the degree of 'stress' emanating from your 'toxic' tooth or area. This is then correlated with the other detailed information and tests we do regarding your current state of health, the history of the tooth, and other factors. 
Treatment is then carried out according to this practices protocols.  For more about this click here

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Cavitation and
Gum Disease 

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