Our Philosophy Your Health First

We are a Health Centred Practice that puts YOUR health first.

Philosophy of Treatment

Eric Davis Dental in conjunction with  Nutrition Diagnostics has a goal to optimise  Your Health with education and action through three basic approaches: 

  • Minimisation of the daily exposure to new toxins.
  • Optimally safe detoxification of already accumulated toxins.
  • Repair and regeneration of tissues and organ systems already damaged by toxicity by supporting the Body's intended design.

Total Dental RevisionTM (TDR) is the most important intervention for the vast majority of people. For many people, dental toxins represent the greatest daily exposure to toxicity, and daily toxin exposure seems to be the greatest cause and aggravator of nearly all degenerative diseases, especially cancer.
Mercury, incompatible dental metals, cavitations, failed or failing dental implants, periodontal disease/ infection, and infected root canals must all be addressed to reduce systemic health risk.

Earliest Possible Prevention and Treatment of Dental Malocclusion must be considered for our children and Establishing proper TMJ function, including correct Cranial Balance of the Head, Neck, and Jaws; and the avoidance of Fluoride is also considered when looking at Total Dental RevisionTM

Many patients can expect little long-term improvement even if they can get their immune systems effectively stimulated, as long as the continuous exposure to unaddressed dental and environmental toxicity continues to compromise and weaken their regulation and Immune system on a daily basis.
We are dedicated to getting consistently positive clinical results which do not presently appear to be available anywhere else.

We believe it is no longer acceptable for dentistry to ignore the oral-systemic health relationship, or to simply give lip service to nutrition and dietary advice. Dentists should either give advice in relation to systemic health matters to prevent oral health issues or the reverse, or refer the patient to someone who is aware of this uniquely intertwined relationship.

Important explanation about the connection between dentistry and nutrition and natural medicine

Before electing to undertake such a programme, patients are fully informed and are made aware of any relationships and pecuniary interests existing between Nutrition Diagnostics and Eric Davis Dental.